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Smartech 0.75A 6V/12V Trickle Battery Charger, Maintainer



  • Automatically charge and maintain all types of 6-12V batteries
  • Charge fully-drained, lead-acid batteries up to 30Ah
  • No need to unplug; safely maintains battery 24/7
  • Handles multiple battery chemistries
  • Built-in intelligent microprocessor protects against reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, over-current, overheating, and overcharging
  • Spark proof design
  • Variable input compensation attains 100% charge with varying AC input voltages
  • Auto memory feature returns to last selected mode on restart
  • IP-65 Dust and Water resistant
  • Lightweight and Heavy Duty
  • Interchangeable connectors – eyelet terminals and alligator clamps included

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IC-750 – 0.75A 6-12V Trickle Battery Charger

The IC-750 – 0.75A 6-12V Trickle Battery Charger is perfect for keeping all types and sizes of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries in top condition when not in use. Connect it to WET (Flooded), GEL, MF (Maintenance-Free), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries and keep your batteries in top condition. Advanced sensors allow you to keep it continuously connected without damaging the cell. Interchangeable connectors allow you to swap cables as needed, for a wide variety of applications. The IC-750 is designed for your safety and includes premium features like:

  • Variable Input Compensation
  • Fault Protection
  • Interchangeable Connectors
  • Auto-Memory
  • HF/HE Switch Mode
  • Interactive Current Adjustment

The IC-750 is the ideal battery maintenance solution. It’s lightweight, heavy-duty and performance ready. Pick one up for your garage today!

Easy to use, easy to understand

We designed the IC-750 to easily select the right charging mode for your batteries and clearly see the charging status or any errors. Throughout the charging process, the IC-750 keeps you informed at a moment’s glance.

12V Mode

Designed for charging deep-cycle,
12-volt lead-acid batteries.

6V Mode

Designed for charging deep-cycle, 6-volt lead-acid batteries.

Keep Your Batteries Ready.

The IC-750 is a remarkable maintainer for 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries. It automatically determines the maximum capacity of your batteries and constantly monitors charging conditions to ensure that you experience top performance without worrying about constantly checking for charging issues.


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Worry-free. Safe to leave connected with zero overcharging.

Most battery chargers continuously trickle charge batteries, making them susceptible to overcharge, which limits battery life. Our intelligent battery maintenance technology monitors battery activity and only begins charging when needed, and allows for continuous operation without user intervention and zero risks of overcharging your battery.

Smart Features to keep you safe. Completely Spark Proof • Fault Protection • Reverse-Polarity Protection


Plus Protection from Short Circuits, Open Circuits, Overheating, Over-Current, and Overcharge


Plug & Play. Battery maintenance made simple.

It’s as simple as connect and forget. No wonder it’s the ultimate in battery maintenance. Quickly connect and disconnect the battery charger whenever you need. It remembers the last mode selected and automatically resumes charging when the power comes back on. The IC-750 keeps any battery fully charged without supervision.


Battery charging with intelligence.

Charging batteries can be frustrating. Often, the charger will not even detect a battery is connected if the charge is too weak or the cells are damaged. Understanding and finding a solution is just as critical. Introducing advanced diagnostics, which analyzes battery feedback and display a particular error pattern if a problem is detected. Each flash pattern tells you what’s wrong, and how to fix it.

Light(s) Condition Cause(s)
Single Flash Battery will not hold a charge and should be checked by a professional.
Double Flash Possible battery short, and should be verified by a professional.
Triple Flash Battery voltage is too high for the selected charge mode. Double check the battery matches the charge mode.
Error LED Solid Red Reverse polarity. Reverse the connections to the battery.
Standby LED Solid Orange Battery voltage is too low for the battery charger to detect the battery.

Battery Charging vs. Battery Maintenance.
Which battery charger is right for you?

Choosing a battery charger depends on your needs. Do you need to recharge a dead battery entirely, or just keep a battery fully charged?
Battery charging means you need to recharge a dead battery fully, whereas battery maintenance requires a mere trickle charge. The IC-750 is designed for charging small vehicle batteries, like those found in motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, or lawn and garden equipment and maintaining batteries in cars, boats, RVs or trucks. The charging time chart not only helps you determine how long it will take to recharge but also its limits between battery charging and battery maintenance.

IC-750 0.75 6V-12V Battery Charger schematics

Efficient design. Compact, yet powerful.

Our combination of electrical engineering and industrial design creates a powerful battery charger with a small form-factor. It uses (HF) high-frequency switch-mode technology to efficiently convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) for battery charging. Its microprocessor adapts to variations in current flow to precisely control the charging to minimize power leaks.

Interchangeable Connectors Included

Mount the included eyelet connectors on your vehicle to make hard-to-access batteries more convenient to charge. Connect directly through the 12V auxiliary from inside a vehicle, or just extend the reach of your 12V portable accessories. Whatever the case may be, our interchangeable battery accessories create a reliable, watertight connection that not only provides maximum current flow, but quick and easy accessory changes.


Technical Specifications

What’s Included
  • IC-750 battery charger
  • Set of interchangeable battery clamps
  • Set of interchangeable eyelet cables
  • User manual and warranty information
  • Input Voltage (AC)
    100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.5A variable power, 10W max.
    Battery Voltages Charges 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries
    Battery Types Appropriate for Wet Cell (Flooded), Gel Cell, Calcium, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery, or any Maintenance-Free Battery
    Battery Capacity Range Ideal for batteries up to 30 amp-hours. Suitable for maintaining all battery sizes.
    Charging Amperage 0.75 amps
    Power Consumption 20 watts (max.)
    IP Protection IP-65
    DC Cable 120 in.