JS-15000N JS-15000N JS-15000N JS-15000N JS-15000N JS-15000N

Smartech JS-15000N – 15000mAh Lithium Powered Vehicle Jump Starter and Power Bank



  • 15,000mAh High Capacity Lithium Power Bank
  • 5V/2A USB Fast Charging of Mobile Devices
  • 5V/1A for charging standard devices
  • 12V/10A output for powering automotive accessories
  • 19V/3.5A Output for powering Laptop Computers
  • Bright, 3 mode, 3W LED Tactical Flashlight (on, strobe, SOS)
  • 300-600A starting current for jump starting your car
  • ≤ 7 hours recharging time

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Smartech JS-15000N – 15000mAh Lithium Powered Vehicle Jump Starter/Power Bank

The JS-15000NLithium Powered Vehicle Jump Starter/Power Bank is a powerful, portable device capable of jump starting automobiles, charging mobile devices and lighting your way through the dark.  Only slightly larger than a cell phone, this power bank can fit anyway and retain its charge for a year without needing to be recharged. With two USB ports located beneath the water tight cover at the back of the charger, this product is more than capable of charging two phones at once.

The jump start function on the JS-15000N is simple to use and takes no time at all to deploy. To jump a vehicle, simply plug the jumper cables into the battery pack, connect the clamps to your battery, and start your car! The only thing more convenient than that is the fact that it will jump start a car up to 20 times on a single charge.

The JS-15000N also features a powerful LED flashlight with 3 modes (HIGH, LOW, and STROBE) to ensure that you are prepared no matter what situation you find yourself in.  To make it even easier to use, these chargers are equipped with a digital display that clearly illustrates the battery status and output display to let you know how much battery life you have left.

Included is a 19V 3.5A output adapter and charging tips for charging laptop computers as well as dual charging cords for apple and android devices. It even has a convenient storage case for the jump starter and all of its accessories. With Velcro straps and molded plastic inserts, the power kit can be kept neat and organized until it is ready to use.


Long-Lasting Power.

The JS-15000N is designed and built with real-world considerations in mind, so we started with a reliable Lithium battery so it’s ready when you need it, year round.

Built-In, Multi-function Flashlight.

The JS-15000N is a truly versatile roadside tool. Packed with utility-forward features including a powerful, two watt LED flashlight with three operation modes – solid, strobe, and SOS. 

Jump 70 Cars on a Single Charge.

Our powerful, lithium jump starter is capable of jump starting up to 70 vehicles on a single charge and rated for over 1,000 lifetime charge cycles.

Easy, one-button interface.

We designed the JS-15000 interface to be comprehensive and easy to understand. The LED charge level indicator displays the internal lithium battery’s charge level and discharge status. Error indicators on the smart jumper cables show when device is improperly connected in reverse polarity or temporarily disabled for overheating protection. Activate the flashlight, recharge USB devices, or power 12V DC appliances with one button on this all-in-one portable power solution.

Powerful 3 Mode Flashlight

We designed the JS-15000N with your safety in mind, providing a powerful LED flashlight with a variety of modes to cater to a variety of situations one might find themselves in. The first is a high output standard beam for any occasion requiring light. The strobe function is next for grabbing the attention of passerby’s or providing light indication for safety purposes. The third mode, SOS is the mode we never want to have to use but is good to have in extreme circumstances.  Never feel left out in the dark with the JS-15000N.


Smartech jump starters are completely spark proof and totally safe for drivers of all ages

Power On The Go When You Need It

If you find yourself working from the road, you know that power for your laptop is a scarce commodity. Give yourself up to thirty minutes of additional battery life with the included laptop cable and charging tips! Smartech jump starters give you time to finish that last paragraph and save your work before your presentation.

Technical Specifications

What’s Included • JS-15000N Lithium Jump Starter & Portable Power Supply
• Zippered hard case
• Laptop charging cable and adapter tips
• 120V AC Charging Adapter
• 12V DC Charging Adapter
• Smart Jumper Clamps
• USB Cable
• 12V Supply Socket Adapter
• User Guide, Warranty Card, Registration Card
Starting Current


Peak Current


Internal Battery

15000mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer

USB Input 1 Amp

12V Output

10A Maximum

19V Output

19V/3.5A for Laptops

USB Output

5V/1A, 5V/2A

Gas Engine Rating

Up to 6.0L Gas Engine

Diesel Engine Rating Up to 5.0L Gas Engine
LED Flashlight


Operating Temperature

 -22°F – +122°F

Charging Temperature

 32°F – +104°F

Storage Temperature

-4°F – +95°F (For 3 months)