Smartech JSL-1250
Smartech JSL-1250 Smartech JSL-1250 Smartech JSL-1250 JST Power Station Air Compressor in Action - Pumping up a car tire.

Smartech JSL-1250 Power Station with Jump Starter and Air Compressor

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Model # JSL-1250

  • This compact power hub has a massive array of output options, including Dual AC/DC plug ins and two USB ports for mobile devices
  • Our 2 DC power outputs run any 12V home appliance or automotive accessory like GPS devices
  • The 2 AC power outputs work for any 120V home appliance or standard power cable
  • Make sure you never get stuck on the road with our powerful built-in jump starter with 1250Amps of starting power
  • 150 PSI Compressor can fill up to 5 passenger vehicle tires on a single charge!
  • Comes with 8-gauge, 24″ cables and clearly color-coded clamps that attach to the back of the power station
  • 2 USB Ports work with most mobile device power cords
  • Powerful and Compact, To power up most vehicles and devices yet small enough to travel anywhere.
  • Built-In LED work light
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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JSL-1250 Power Station

The SMARTECH™ JSL-1250 Vehicle Jump Starter/Power Bank w/ Accessories can instantly jump start most single battery vehicles up to 20 times on a single charge! With 2 built-in AC and DC charging ports, the JSL-1250 is capable of powering standard 120V household appliances and 12V accessories like travel stoves or automotive accessories. Using its dual USB charging outputs, the JSL-1250 can also be used to charge any 5V USB rechargeable devices! Safety features include low voltage protection (for the product itself), spark proof, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection.

The JSL-1250 comes complete with an automotive jump starter, capable of jumping most automotive passenger vehicles.  Using an impressive 1250 crank amps of power, the JSL-1250 can even jump trucks and passenger vans!

Located on the rear of the portable power station is a 150 PSI air compressor, fully capable of filling the tires on any passenger vehicle and most commercial vehicles, as long as the tire is rated at 150PSI or below. With an air pressure gauge clearly visible on the back, you will always know exactly how much pressure is in your tire.

Included below the carrying handle is an integrated ultra-bright flashlight to ensure that you have light no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Jump Starter - Air Compressor - AC Power - DC Power - USB Power

950A power station back with CALLOUTS



Smartech Compact but Powerful Charger

Don’t let the small size fool you

Weighing in at 20lbs this power station comes equipped with an automotive jump starter, AC power output, multiple USB ports, flashlight, air compressor, and a DC portable output as well, making it the ideal companion for any road trip or outdoor excursion.

Smartech recommended for engines up to 6L

USB ports for the 1250 Power Station

Big Power In A Small Package

The Smartech JSL-1250 Power Station Battery Jump Starter is a compact yet powerful piece of hardware capable of supplying power to anything from a hand-held device to a 120V standard home appliance.


What the Shelf Battery Charger could Charge.


Smartech Portable Jumper 1250 A

Portable Jump Starter

The JSL-1250 comes equipped with a built-in 1250MaH jump starter, capable of jump-starting most passenger vehicles. To ensure the safety of the user and the vehicle, these power stations utilize 6 safety features, including spark proof protection, protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, overheating, overcharging and overcurrent.

Safe for you and your car

The JSL-1250 is equipped with the latest in safety features pertaining to battery operation and jumper cables.  This power station features spark proof clamps protection against reverse polarity.


Air Compressor Gauges - The controls on our power stations are designed to be easy to read and easier to use

Using the Air Pump of the Smartech Power Station

Built-In Air Compressor.

It also contains an integrated 150 PSI air compressor with an automotive nozzle connector. Combined with its small size plus easy-to-read compressor gauge makes it perfect as a back up for the family car. It even has an LED lamp on the front for easy use in the dark.

Bring the Power 950 Plugged In - Bring the Power

Portable Power When You Need It

The 1250 Portable Power Station is not only a charger for small and medium-sized appliances; It also has a 120V AC output as well as a 12V DC automotive accessory output. The DC power outlet is capable of providing 29 hours of power* to all 12V accessories, while the AC power output is capable of dishing out 400 Watts of continuous power.

1250 with Flashlight

Built-In Flashlight

As compact as it comes with a flashlight so you can use it in the dark.


Technical Specifications

What’s Included • JSL-1250 battery charger

• Set of battery clamps

• User manual, registration card, and warranty information

• Set of pins

• Set of fuses

• Set of screws

• AC Adapter

Input Voltage (AC)

100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.5A variable power, 10W max.

Battery Types Appropriate for Wet Cell (Flooded), Gel Cell, Calcium, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery, or any Maintenance-Free Battery
Battery Capacity 18AH
Peak Current 1250 Amps
LED Flashlight 2.5W
Air Compressor 150 PSI Max
Power Consumption 20 watts (max.)
Power Inverter 2 Outlet, Maximum Continuous Power 400W (Peak Power 800W), Modified Sine Wave
2 USB Output 5V/2A, 5V/2A
12V Output 2 Port, 10A
Estimates Inflation Times • Car Tires = 5 to 9 Minutes

• Bike Tire = 25 to 30 Seconds

• Sports ball = 30 Seconds

Estimates Charge Times • Spotlights, sump pumps and DVD players = 100 Watts = 1.84 Hours
• TV and small power tools = 150 Watts = 1.22 Hours
• Laptops and medium size power tools = 200 Watts = 55 Minutes
Operating Temperature -22˚ ~ 122˚ F (-30˚ ~ 50˚ C)
Charging Temperature 32˚ ~ 104˚ F (0˚ ~ 40˚ C)
Storage Temperature 5˚ ~ 104˚ F (-15˚ ~ 40˚ C)
Estimates Running Times • Cellular phones,
Fluorescent lights = 4 Watts = 54 Hours
• Radios, Fans,
Depth finders = 9 Watts = 24 Hours
• Camcorders, DVD players, Spotlights = 15 Watts = 14.4 Hours
• Electrical tools, Bilge pumps = 24 Watts = 9 Hours
• Electric cooler = 48 Watts = 4.5 Hours
• Car vacuums, Air compressors = 80 Watts = 2.7 Hours