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Smartech Power Kit TECH-5000P Vehicle Jump Starter and Power Bank with Accessories + Air Compressor + Carrying Case

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  • 6 way functionality!
    • Jump Starter
    • Recharger
    • 12 Volt Power Station
    • Air Pump
    • Laptop Computer Power Station
    • Super Bright LED Flashlight
  • Built In 12000mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 500 Amp jump starter – Can jump starter vehicles up to 60 times on a single charge with the included heavy duty jumper clamps
  • (2) 5V/2.4A USB ports to power/charge your USB devices
  • Power 12V appliances with the included 12V adapter
  • 150 PSI Air Pump – Inflates vehicles tires + a wide variety of inflatables with the included adapter tips
  • 3 mode super bright LED flashlight (Steady on, Strobe and SOS)
  • Digital displays on the power bank and air pump
  • Built in spark proof / reverse polarity / short circuit protection with jumpstarting vehicles

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Does so much it has 6-way Functionality!

TECH-5000P - Jump Starter


TECH-5000P - Recharger


TECH-5000P - 12V Power Station


TECH-5000P - Air Pump


TECH-5000P - Laptop Computer Power Station


TECH-5000P - LED Flashlight


Vehicle Jump Starter/Power Bank w/ Accessories +
Air Compressor 
+ Carrying Case 

The SMARTECH™  TECH-5000P is an incredibly robust portable power kit containing a 12000Mah portable battery pack, a 150PSI air pump, an extensive array of mobile device powering accessories and a powerful 3W LED flashlight with 3 modes (HIGH, SOS, and STROBE).  With a 12V/19V DC electric output and two USB ports, the Tech 5000P can power phones, laptops and even 12V accessories like micro stoves or blenders! The hand held air pump can reach 150PSI capable of inflating anything from a truck tire or performance bike tire to pool inflatables. Just plug it in, set your desired pressure level and let it do its thing with our auto-stop pressure feature.  With a built-in LED and a variety of unit measurements, our air pump is perfect for anyone to use anywhere.

The Tech-5000P power bank can be charged more than 1,000 times and the charge can last for as long as 1 year while in storage. Functional even at temperatures well below freezing or over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, It is the perfect product for emergency situations involving your vehicle or for on-the-go charging of your most relied upon portable devices. It even allows you to bring one less than you might normally, as we included a powerful 3 Watt LED flashlight with high, strobe and SOS modes.

Included in the kit is a 19V 3.5A output adapter and charging tips for charging most laptop computers as well as dual charging cords for apple and android devices.  With the 12V automotive adapter, you don’t even need to use the battery pack to power the air pump, you can plug it directly into your 12V electric output inside your vehicle. We’ve included a 12 foot power cord for exactly that reason. It even has a convenient storage case for the jump starter and all of its accessories. With Velcro straps and molded plastic inserts, the power kit can be kept neat and organized until it is ready to use.

TECH-5000P - Use it Anywhere

TheThe SMARTECH™  TECH-5000P comes fully equipped to power your mobile devices, jump start almost any passenger vehicle, AND power a 150psi portable air compressor.  Travel with the assurance that you will never get stuck in an inconvenient situation.

Easy Interface.

We designed the TECH-5000P interface to be comprehensive and easy to understand. The LED charge level indicator displays the internal lithium battery’s charge level and discharge status. Error indicators on the smart jumper cables show when a device is improperly connected in reverse polarity or temporarily disabled for overheating protection. Recharge USB devices, power mobile devices or 12V DC appliances with one button and work the flashlight with the other with this all-in-one portable power solution.

Portable Jump Starter.

Although the Tech-5000P is small enough to fit inside a handbag, this powerful automotive micro-jump starter is capable of jump starting a passenger vehicle over 50 times on a single charge! Functional at temperatures well below freezing and above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, this jump starter can go anywhere you can.Smartech 5000P - Completely Spark Proof

Circuitry Protection


Long-Lasting Power.

The Tech-5000P is designed and built with real-world considerations in mind, so we started with a battery designed to retain its charge.

Built-In, Multi-function Flashlight.

The Tech-5000P  is a truly versatile roadside tool. Packed with utility-forward features including a powerful, three watt LED flashlight with three operation modes – high, strobe, and SOS. 

Jump 20 Cars on a Single Charge.

We guarantee this little monster can jump start a car 20 times on a single charge, but our testing puts that number closer to 40 times in real life.

Powerful 3 Mode Flashlight

We designed the Tech-5000P with your safety in mind, providing a powerful LED flashlight with a variety of modes to cater to a variety of situations one might find themselves in. The first is a high output standard beam for any occasion requiring light. The strobe function is next for grabbing the attention of passerby’s or providing light indication for safety purposes. The third mode, SOS is the mode we never want to have to use but is good to have in extreme circumstances.  Never feel left out in the dark with the Smartech Power Kit


Incredible power in a portable, hand-held design.

This lithium jump starter outperforms traditional lead-acid battery booster packs at a fraction of the size and weight. It’s eight times smaller and eight times lighter, and its lithium-powered design makes it more compact and portable than ever before. Conveniently store it in a glove compartment, center console, trunk, or toolbox.

12V power and more pic

Smartech TECH-5000P - Charges your computer

19V Laptop Charging

This powerful little battery was designed with a 19V charging output and a variety of Laptop charging port adapters to keep the travelling business man online for those imperative moments when work can’t wait. Keep your large devices working long enough to send emails, participate in conferences or meet a last minute deadline when no wall outlet is available.


Power On The Go When You Need It

If you find yourself working from the road, you know that power for your laptop is a scarce commodity. Give yourself up to fifteen minutes of additional battery life with the included laptop cable and charging tips! Smartech jump starters give you time to finish that last paragraph and save your work before your presentation.

High Pressure, Low Stress

Despite the compact nature of the Smartech TECH-500P Power Kit, this hand-held air pump is capable of inflating even the largest of passenger vehicle tires in just minutes!  On a full charge, this monster can fill 5 fully deflated car tires without the need to recharge in-between. We hope you never find yourself in that situation, but knowing you have the power to overcome it should come as a relief when traveling or enjoying the vast outdoor. If you don’t feel like using the battery to power the air pump, plug it directly into your car’s 12V electric output using the 12 foot power cable included in the kit.



Smartech Power Kit's Air Compressor - pumping a car tireVehicle Tires

Sports Balls

Bike Tires
Inflatable Toys & More!




Automatically stops at desired pressure to prevent over inflating. Auto memory features remembers your last setting used.

The 3 adapter pins allow you to use on a variety of inflatables such as car or bike tires, toys, sports equipment, air mattresses and more.

As an added bonus, the SMARTECH Power Kit can be easily stored in your car, backpack or desk drawer.

Pumps up tires and much more TECH-5000P product shot in case

Plug and Play

We have included a unique set of features in our hand-held air compressor  a self-monitoring pressure reader and an intuitive memory function. With the simple display located at the rear of the compressor, easily set the intended pressure of the inflatable you are filling, begin filling, and walk away! When the air compressor reaches its pre-determined pressure setting, it will shut off to avoid over-inflation.  . 



Technical Specifications

Battery Type

Lithium-ion Polymer

Battery Capacity


Starting Current


Peak Current


Jump Start

up to 5.5L Gas Engine

USB Output

5V/2.4A, 5V/2.4A

LED Flashlight


19V Output

19V/3.5A for Laptops

12V Output

10A Max

Operating Temperature

-22˚F ~ +122˚ F

Charging Temperature

32˚F ~ +104˚F

Storage Temperature

-4˚F ~ +95˚F (for 3 months)