Our line of flashlights are built with all-aluminum construction, tactical design, and super bright, CREE LEDs. Old, incandescent bulbs are inefficient! Smartech flashlights use CREE LEDs, which produce ≈100 lumens per watt, compared to ≈8-10 lumens per watt of small, incandescent bulbs. LEDs are less fragile than glass bulbs and have a significantly longer battery life. All of our torches come with batteries included, so they’re ready to go, right out of the pack.
Our lights all have a tactical-designed bezel and can be used as a defensive weapon, should the need arise. Use them with confidence while walking the dog at night, camping, or in the event of power failure. With Smartech, you have a reliable means of illumination whenever you need it.
Smartech strictly follows ANSI (American National Standards Institute) FL1 standards to deliver reliable lighting solutions with uncompromising quality. Get a multipack and get brightness to share!

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