125A Shelf Charger from Smartech
125A Shelf Charger from Smartech 125-Shelf-Charger_Callouts_3 Shelf Battery Charger Image 4 Shelf Charger's Cords

Smartech SBC-125 6V/12V Shelf Automotive Battery Charger, Maintainer


Model # SBC-125

  • This charger utilizes a built-in microprocessor that guarantees safe and efficient operation while charging your batteries quickly and maintaining them indefinitely.
  • 125 Amps of engine starting power work as a portable jump starter for your vehicle
  • Maintain your batteries safely with a microprocessor controlled 6 Amp trickle charging function
  • Know the status of your batteries with our integrated voltage tester.
  • Use the 10 Amp boost function to charge your batteries faster.
  • Works on all types of 6V/12V Lead Acid Batteries.
  • 6 safety features make sure you and your batteries get where you need to go, including spark proofing, protection for reverse polarity, short-circuiting, overheating, overcharging and overcurrent.
  • Compact for easy storage and to carry with you anywhere you need a charger.
  • 12-foot cord span to make storage and use easier.

The Smartech SBC-125 6V/12V Smart Automotive battery charger is a compact but heavy-duty solution for charging all types of 6- and 12-Volt batteries, including WET (Flooded), MF (Maintenance-Free), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), GEL, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat). It has a built-in microprocessor that makes charging faster, easier, and safer to use. With its voltage tester and built-in safety features, such as spark proofing, protection for reverse polarity, short-circuiting, overheating, overcharging and overcurrent, the SBC-125 provides an efficient and easy to use a battery charger that will always have your batteries in top performance condition.


SBC-125 6V/12V Shelf Automotive Battery Charger

The SBC-125 6V/12V Shelf Battery Charger is capable of testing, charging and maintaining all types of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries, including WET (Flooded), GEL, MF (Maintenance-Free), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), and 12V Lithium and AGM+ batteries. It has a built-in intelligent microprocessor which makes charging faster, easier, and safer to use. Safety features include spark proof, reverse polarity, short circuit, over current, overcharge and overheat protection. Keep it connected 24/7 without damaging the battery and keep your battery ready to use.

Our SBC series is equipped with a 125A engine start mode, which allows the user to jump-start automotive engine batteries, and can be left safely connected for maintenance using our 6A trickle charge feature.

Two unique but convenient features included on our SBC series are the 40A boost feature and the alternator check function.  Our 40A boost will charge standard batteries more quickly if the user is in a hurry, and it is possible to check the status of your automotive alternator simply by hooking it up to your vehicle and following the instructions in the user manual.

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Call Out Features of the Shelf Battery Charger from Smartech

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Smartech 125 Amp Battery Charger with Batteries

Easy to use interface.

Control display for the SBC-125 is easy to understand and straightforward to use, with an LCD digital readout and clearly labeled mode selection buttons.

Battery Types the Smartech Shelf Battery Charger could charge. Lead Acid Batteries

125A Shelf Charger - Engine Starter

Built-in Jumpstarter

Not only does the SBC-125 Smart Battery Charger charge and maintain automotive batteries, it can double as a 12VDC 125A engine starter, meaning it can jump your vehicle the same way you would normally jump start a vehicle but without the hassle of pulling out a separate device. Not only that, but the SBC-125 is equipped with a boost function that supplies an extra 12A 120 seconds, 40A-40 second power bursts to charge low batteries even faster.

Protect your batteries and your property

Our battery chargers are built to ensure that even an accidental mis-connect won’t cost you money or damaged product

What the Shelf Battery Charger could Charge.

The SBC-125 Smart Battery Charger comes standard with a 6ft power cord and 6ft cable set, allowing for 12 feet of mobility from an outlet to the battery.

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Shelf Charger Spark Proof

Smart Protection to keep you safe.
Completely Spark Proof • Fault Protection • Reverse-Polarity ProtectionClamp for Smartech charger


Plus Protection from Short Circuits, Open Circuits,
Overheating, Over-Current, and Overcharge

Compact Guy holding the 125A Self Automotive Battery Charger to check out the size

Big Power in a Small Package.

Measuring in at just 9.5in x 9.5in x 6in, the SBC-125 provides unwarranted strength despite its compact size!. SBC-125 is a compact but powerful battery charger and maintainer easily transported to where you need to go.


Technical Specifications

What’s Included • SBC-125 battery charger

• Set of  battery clamps

• User manual, register card, and warranty information

AC Input
120VAC, 60Hz, 7.5A Maximum continuous, 21.5A MAXIMUM INTERMITTENT.
DC Output Charge: 6/12VDC, 2A-120 Seconds, 6A-60 Seconds

Boost: 6/12VDC, 5A-120SECONDS, 40A-40SECONDS.

Engine Start: 12VDC, 125A Intermittent 5 Seconds On, 180 Seconds Off. Temperature Controlled

Charger Type 4 step, Fully automatic charging cycle
Start Voltage  > 1V
Housing Protection  IP20
Battery Type All Types of 6V and 12V Lead-acid Batteries
Battery Capacity All Types of 6V and 12V Lead-acid Batteries
Ambient Temperature  32˚F – 104˚F  (0˚C – 40˚C)